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Hey guys,

Here is the post from my email:

Ok, I’m going to post this on the OP page as well:

First, consider the nat armor of the croc. Size wise, it’s dex will be pretty low, but it will be able to move rather fast every so often, so we nee to keep an eye on that. Stay away from it and water, and try not to get grappled! It’s Nat armor can be gotten around by touch spells, so Srini and I should focus on those if we can, as much as possible. It doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses pertaining to element, though we can ask around and find out before we hunt it down. We need to stay at range as much as possible, considering strength and everything. Also consider that it may not be alone. Whether this means smaller crocs, serpentfolk, or even it’s druid master(which would seriously suck as then it would be waaaaay tougher). We should also be looking into WHY it is attacking people, if there is a reason besides hunger, territory anger, yadayada. I’ve checked the stats of the base croc and the druid upgrade, and then considered various way it can get to huge size. Yea, we definitely need to approach this thing with care. Do NOT fight it in it’s own turf, aka beach warfare and so forth. Someone will die in that case with out a lot of healing and luck. Heck, if we can convince it to move on somewhere better for it and people, all the better. Can anyone talk to reptiles?

As for magic items, can you do something to give me a bonus to Int, Dex or AC, Srini? I have 3000, so what can you toss at me? I would prefer Int boost, but thats what ever you can make.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Time to start fleshing this thing out so everyones email inboxes don’t get too spammy with pathfinder chit chat :)

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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